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  • What are the requirements to get a concealed permit in NC?
    In general an Applicant Must: • Be twenty-one (21) years of age; • Have attained at least one month's residency (30 days) in NC; • Be a citizen or a naturalized citizen of the United States or a lawful permanent resident alien; • Not suffer from any mental or physical infirmity which would prevent safe handgun handling and operation at the time of appointment, provide a valid driver's license or other Government ID with current address provided by the State of North Carolina. • Successfully complete a firearms training and safety course that has been designed by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Standards Commission (704 Firearms & Training offers an approved course) • For full requirements, please check with your county sheriff’s office. For example, here is the link to the Mecklenburg county requirement page:
  • Do I need my own gun to take courses with 704 Firearms?
    No. You may borrow a gun from another person or rent one from the gun range in order to complete the shooting portions of training. Addidtionally, our course fee normally includes a rental gun and ammo.
  • Do I need gun experience to get a concealed carry course?
    No. Prior handgun experience is not required. We will teach you the required laws, gun safety and give you shooting instruction in a safe environment.
  • I’ve never shot a gun, can I take the concealed carry course?"
    Yes, you may take the course. Our instructors will ensure that you learn how to shoot safely. You will gain confidence in shooting and receive all of the information required to obtain an NC concealed carry permit.
  • Will 704 Firearms come to my location to train?
    We will come to your location for private training if you have a group of at least 5 people and a location that will hold the group safely. Under normal circumstances, the maximum class size is 10. Please contact us to arrange a private group session.
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